Greeting Card Etiquettes to Establish Good Customer Relationships

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Despite the popularity of instant messaging, Twitter, and email, the use of greeting cards in business communications cannot be underestimated. A lot of businesses these days still require the use of custom greeting cards when keeping in touch with customers and prospects. There simply is something in greeting cards that no other marketing tool can provide. Just look at instant messaging. Sure IM allows you to send your message instantly complete with emoticons and audibles, but those IMs lack the personal touch that people often look for in a message. This is where personalized greeting cards look superior to their modern counterparts.

Establishing long-term relationships is also one strong point of the greeting card. Sending this card consistently to your customers and prospects will put your business on top of their mind while making them feel that you value them. The lasting impression you convey through the card will help convince people to stay loyal to your business.

Sending the best and most fun greeting cards to your customers will surely generate immediate response. However, to achieve favorable response all the time, you need to learn about the greeting card etiquette. You need to know what kind of card will fit the kind of customers you have. Here are some pointers to help your practice the proper etiquette:

1)  Always go for quality first. Your customers and prospects are not just your ordinary acquaintances. They are the most important people in your business. As such, you will need to send them high quality cards that will show them how much you value and appreciate them. Invest in high grade paper, ink, and printing, so can guarantee the quality of your cards.

2)  Connect with them personally. A generic card is appropriate only for mass marketing. Now, you don’t want to make your customers feel unappreciated, right? Then make sure that you create a greeting card with a personal touch. Opt for a personalized design that will make your recipients feel that the card is designed especially for them. Handwrite your signature and even put a personal note to make your message look sincere. Etiquette dictates that you make your cards friendly and personalized so people don’t loose their interest on your business.

3)  Do these simple but important things. Aside from handwriting your signature, maintaining good relationships can be done effectively by mailing your cards to your customers’ home rather than their business address and by addressing your recipients properly. A Miss, Mrs., or Mr. can go a long way in maintaining relationships. Do these effectively and you can be sure to encourage your customers to read and keep your card.

4)  Pick the right design. When you intend to send your cards during special occasions, make sure to design them appropriately. Use the right theme so you convey the right message and impression. Greeting card printing and design can be a bit tricky, so don’t be scared to ask for professional help when necessary.    

Following these etiquettes will help your greeting cards leave a personal touch and a good impression. Don’t be scared to experiment with the design of your cards in order to stand out, but make sure you still follow the etiquettes mentioned above. Go ahead and start your own greeting card campaign to see how your relationships with your customers will improve.

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Greeting Card Etiquettes to Establish Good Customer Relationships

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Greeting Card Etiquettes to Establish Good Customer Relationships

This article was published on 2013/09/16